Why Costs Matter


Do You Know The Exact Amount of the Annual Investment Costs That You Pay your Financial Advisor?


Transparency matters when evaluating investment costs. The fees you pay will have a significant impact

on the success of your long-term investment performance. Complete cost disclosure will make you feel

more confident about the financial advice you receive.

However, many investment products contain embedded fees and commissions.  Most mutual funds

charge expenses to the assets of the fund.  These costs are expressed in a management expense ratio or

MER.  Many investors are not aware of this substantial, on-going expense because it is charged directly

to the assets of a mutual fund.

How do investors receive transparent disclosure of the costs they pay their financial advisor?


Your Compounding Benefit of Lower Fees

Any money you pay for investment fees and costs is money that will not be available to compound for

your benefit. Understanding and reducing your investing costs should always be a critical factor in your

investment decision making process.

Our fee schedule is completely transparent and aligns our interests with yours by:

1. Being designed to be substantially less than mutual fund MER charges, to maximize the returns we

produce for you;

2. Calculating our fee based solely on the value of the investment assets we manage for you. We do not

receive any compensation from commissions to buy or sell securities;

3. Generally being tax-deductible when charged for managing assets in taxable accounts.

We invite you to contact us to see how you can benefit from low cost, transparent financial advice that

is offered through fiduciary standard of care.